Clinical Trial Request Form

Clinical Trial Request Form

Thank you for considering UC Davis as your veterinary clinical trials site!

If you have a trial in mind, please complete the form below as thoroughly as possible. We will contact you to discuss the proposed trial. If you are unsure where to start, email us directly!

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Information about the Requested Clinical Trial

"Client-owned" means privately-owned animals (i.e., pets). These animals are not owned by the university nor are they laboratory (purpose-bred) animals.
Will this drug/product, device, or procedure be destined (at least initially) for use in veterinary or human medicine?
What is the reason for requesting a veterinary clinical trial?
What information do you want to gain from this clinical trial?
How will this trial be primarily funded?
Have you been or are you already in contact with someone at UC Davis about this trial?

Information about the Novel Drug/Product, Device or Procedure

Has the product, device or procedure been examined in or used on live (whole) animals (e.g., such as rodents, dogs, primates)? (NOTE: Beyond use in cell lines)
Do you have any previously collected data for our researchers to review?
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