Clinical Support

Clinical Support for Your Trials

Coordinator Support Cost

We charge $50 per hour for coordinator support. To determine how many hours you may need for your trial, please contact contact us for assistance. 

Clinical Research Coordinators & Your Study

Clinical Research Coordinators are important to the success of a study. Coordinators collaborate with owners and Investigators to efficiently conduct study visits, ensure follow-up, and collect necessary data. They are also instrumental in the recruitment process through their work helping to identify and screen potential patients for our studies. VCCT coordinators can assist you in a variety of ways, including:

  • Discussing studies with potential clients. Our Clinical Research Coordinators are often the first point of  contact clients have with studies and our Coordinators are well trained in providing pre-screening and recruitment activities
  • Obtaining Informed Consent and assessing eligibility
  • Collecting patient histories and basic health assessment forms
  • Scheduling visits and communicating with owners between visits
  • Administering investigational therapies
  • Completing data capture forms
  • Collecting, processing and shipping study samples

Need clinical support from one of VCCT's Clinical Research Coordinators?

Contact the Contact Us for assistance. It is helpful to have the documents listed below in order to understand the study and provide suggestions on how VCCT can support your research. Please include these in your email if possible: